Building & Grounds Volunteers
There is always need for general maintenance, lawn care, minor repairs, cleaning, arranging, fixing, sprucing up, trimming trees, planting flowers, cleaning storage rooms, touch up painting, replacing of lights, etc… Although the major projects requiring significant dollars is planned under the leadership of the pastoral staff and the Trustees. Many things can be done by simply coming and taking care of needed things. Some are able to donate time and minor purchases, others first gain an official “okay” before items are purchased for reimbursement. But the volunteers are always appreciated. This is your church family facility also, feel free to help maintain it.

Contact Persons: Pastor Vince Flippo for minor stuff 734-652-6810. Head Trustee, Matt Allen for major suggestions and helps to be presented to the Board of Trustees 419-466-9472 Other Trustees are Ron Allen, Jennifer Epperhart, and Dave Koepke (see church directory for numbers).