We are ‘a family church’ and ‘a family of churches’ transforming generations one life at a time. Our purpose is ‘spiritual transformation’, a work of God, resulting in our 1) Loving God, 2) Loving People, and 3) Serving the World.”*

We are a member of the International Church of the Nazarene. General statements about our corporate beliefs and values, as well as organizational structure can be found at Nazarene.org

*Identity Statement Language Explained:
  • The “a family church” language in our identity statement gives insights into our “family” values such as the “one another’s” of the Bible. Love, accept, forgive, correct, honor, serve, encourage …one another…and the like. It also suggests our hopes to be “family” for those without family. A phrase used is “Welcome, You’re Family.” (Ps 68: 5-6, Ps 82: 3-4)
  • The “family of churches” language in our identity statement has a two-fold concept in mind. First, it acknowledges small family groups as “simple churches” (Acts 2:42-47); and secondly, it speaks toward the long-term vision of “one church, many locations” which envisions additional congregations, led by the same pastoral ministry staff and Board of Directors, that will actually gather in different physical locations or buildings.
  • The “spiritual transformation” language in our identity statement is intentionally chosen to emphasize the long-term nature of our lifestyle of being Christ-followers. We absolutely believe in the introductory crisis moments of new birth and entire sanctification although we do not view these moments as ends but rather the divine means through which God enables and empowers Christ-followers to “BE” Christian consistently. The new birth makes one “alive” (John 3:16, 10:10) and entire sanctification (Acts 15:9) makes one’s motives and intents pure toward Christ-likeness. This is necessary toward our mission to “transform generations one life at a time”. These are works of God NOT of people. (Rom 12:1-2) Our human responsibility is understood in “passive” theological terms like: “be transformed”, “surrendering to” the work of Christ, “trusting in” the presence of God, “responsive-obedience to” the initiative of God’s Spirit in us. The credit goes all to God! (Jere 31:31-34) We simply trust and are given the power to lovingly obey.